Containermax are suppliers of custom built shipping containers to freight forwarders throughout Australia.

Containermax incorporates many years of experience to focus on providing an outstanding range of equipment for the Australian domestic container market. John Steel (CEO) has been developing innovative container solutions for the Australian market since 1989.

Our initiatives have involved refrigerated containers, dry freight containers and the development of the container-based self-bunded diesel tank range of Transtank, the pioneers in that industry.

The equipment that you buy from Containermax has been developed from these years of experience and embodies a vast quantity of lessons learnt in the rigours of the Australian domestic market.

As a part of that hard-earned experience comes the ability to check the quality of our products during manufacture. The team that we have put together to achieve this is second to none in gaining fastidious scrutiny of the products during manufacture.

We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with our customers to develop products that allow a competitive advantage through better loading efficiencies and reduced costs.